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Vasthu Consultant & Consulting Engineer

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  • What is Vasthusasthram

    'Vas' means 'to dwell' or 'to occupy'. Vasthu means 'dwelling place.' Vasthu Shastra is the set of guidelines prescribed by the Rishis, so called learned men of ancient India for planning and constructing our dwelling places which range from our homes, cities, states, countries and eventually extend to our planet and the universe! Read More

  • Rules of Vasthu

    Rules of Vasthushastra are wrapped around the concepts regarding the eight directions of the world. The eight primary directions represent eight elements in life. Therefore, facilitating the flow of these energies is important for the life of those who dwell in that place. Whatever be the spot you choose to build your home, these elements are always present and will influence everything around d the dwelling place. Read More

  • Need for Vasthu

    A home is not home without the people dwelling happily in it with peace. In this modern era, we find ourselves in stress every minute of our life. If our home hosts a negative energy or an obstacle for the proper energy flow in all directions, we may find it detrimental to the wellbeing of all who stay in our home. Implementing the rules of vasthusasthram ensures the optimization of energies in all directions, making your home a perfect place to live in. Read More

  • Elements of Vasthu

    The five major elements considered in vasthushastram are Water, Air, Fire, Earth and space, popularly known in Indian sciences as Panchabhootas. Each direction is dominated by one of these elements. It is the balance of these elements that determine the energy flow in dwelling, and the factor that differentiate a home from good and bad. Read More

  • Origin of Vasthushastra

    There is no document that states the origin of this science, but you can find numerous references about Vasthushastra in the ancient scriptures and epics of ancient India. Matsya purana speaks about eighteen originators of Vasthu, including Bramha, Vishwakarma, Vasishta, Maya, Narada etc. In around 3000BC, town planning was given paramount importance, as you can see from the remains of Indus valley civilization. For thousands of years Vasthushastra has been followed throughout India regarding construction, land purchase and town planning. Read More

  • Benefits of Vasthu

    Vasthu brings comfort to all the dwellers in a home. It is easy to implement, especially when taken care from the beginning of the planning process. Vasthu makes the best use of space. It ensures good structuring, proper ventilation and more over a positive vibe all around the building. Positive energy directly influences the life and behavior of people. Implementation of Vasthu thus brings in sound personal relation between the dwellers and ensures a fruitful life. Read More





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