Can my house face the south?

This is a common query .There is no problem in your house facing the south, but planning must be undertaken with great care. The main entrance must be from the south and middle or slightly east of the middle.

The bedroom must occupy the southwest position. Never provide a car porch in the southwest direction. There must be a door towards the north. The kitchen should be in the southeast and the well in the northeast direction. The rooms upstairs should be in the southwest. The staircase is to be placed from east to west. The door to the southwest bedroom may be from the northeast or east north and the entrance door to the kitchen may be in northeast or west north. The entrance gate should always be in the south east and the car porch towards the east side. Any photo of God in a room should face the east or west.so that the photo faces sunrise or sunset.

Is the inner perimeter measurement according to Thachushastra, or the position of the house more important?

Nobody can maintain the measurement of plan in actual construction. It may vary or reduce during actual construction from the plan prepared as per measurement. But the position of kitchen, bedroom, pooja room etc should be fixed according to the wind direction, flow of water, position of the site and many other aspects of nature to ensure good health and energy.

Is there an auspicious day for starting construction work?

All days are good. Days are divided only to calculate the change of season. Utharayanam is good for all construction work

Is there a good site or bad site for residential purposes?

Any site having solar energy and electromagnetic energy is good for residence.

Is the number of door important?

No, but it is the position of door that is important.

Traditional Construction

This Traditional Building more than 500 years old look beautiful without any other make up.