Must Follow

A site facing east, north, west or south having water flowing towards the north and east directions, towards the east only or north only is good for any kind of residential purpose and all other activities.

But the plan is to be prepared according to the position of the road and natural flow of water in the site. A site having hills in the south or west is good for residential purpose.


If office faces the east, entrance door is to be from the northeast, and head of office should face the east or north at southwest corner.
If office faces the north, entrance door is to be from the northeast and head of institution should face the east or north
If office faces the west, entrance should be from the northwest corner, head of office may sit facing any direction leaving space on northeast corner. But it is better to sit facing the nearest junction.
If office faces the south, the head of institution must face the east at southwest corner with entrance from the southeast corner